Pedro Loma and Renato Morales

Brazilian studz, Pedro Loma and Renato Morales are our guests for today’s update. Renato had the best surprise this afternoon when he saw Pedro lying on his living room couch, naked, wanking off his big dick. He was staying with him for a couple of days until his landlord finished renovating his condo. Pedro really felt like home and did everything he would normally do if he was at his place. His routine was kind of repetitive, waking up, watch some porn, going to work, returning, watching some more gay porn. So yeah, you can easily guess what he likes doing when he has some free time on his hands.

Pedro didn’t change his routine at all while he was staying with his buddy and this was the first time he caught him in action. Naked, wanking off his dick, there wasn’t a lot he could say to explain because everything was as clear at it could be. Renato wanted to get his hands on his dick for a while now so this worked out perfectly for him. He took off his clothes and joined him on the couch and continued watching the video together. Things escalated pretty fast and in no time the guys were wanking one another’s dick and then hammering their asses. Pedro finally got the action he wanted and not from gay porn. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more brazilianstudz updates or visit the site and see some big cocked shemales jerking off!


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Brazilian Studz – A Warm Wonderful Fuck

What a better way to welcome someone in your house then with a warm wonderful fuck like these Brazilian studz did. One of his closest friends and an old flame was getting back in town and what a better way to show someone just how much you missed then by pounding their asses as soon as they got there. Both of the guys are Brazilians, both have great bodies and are eager for some backdoor action. It’s been a while since the last time these two saw each other and they had a lot of catching up to do but that could wait because there were more important things to take care off now. Both of them were in the right mood and we can’t wait to see these two in action below.

In no time they got on the living room couch, completely naked, showing off their great bodies and their hard dicks. No sweet talks no nothing straight to the action. Needless to say that after getting their dicks sucked off their asses were next in line. The Brazilian studs smashed their fine asses and you got the best seats in the house to see it all. You guys really shouldn’t miss these brazilianstudz in another gay sex update. Don’t you wish all welcomes would be this warm and thoughtful? Enjoy this one and we’ll be back soon with more or enter the site and have fun watching a cock hungry tranny getting nailed!


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Leon Paiva and Darrien Leon

Darrien Leon is one of our older Brazilian studz, but Leon Paiva is new to the stage and we can’t wait to see what he learns from the more experienced stud. Being the more experienced one Darrien is the one getting pleased and getting his dick sucked off. The rookie learned from one of the best how to please another guy. Darrien took his time to explain to him how he likes things to be done. Leon had some action but never with an older and experienced guy. Darrien found this one wandering in front of his house looking for the guy that lived in his house before he did. He invited him in and offered to call the previous owner to try and help him out but with no results.

Leon explained to him why he was looking after this guy and Darrien was kind enough to offer him another way of getting the money that he needed. Leon Paiva accepted his offer and he jumped right to unbuttoning his pants. Darrien appreciated that he was in charge and enjoyed, even more, having the young jock blowing his dick and jizzing all over his cute face. The poor guy didn’t know that he recorded while doing it all, but we doubt that would’ve changed anything. You can Leon and Darrien, the brazilianstudz in action here and we’ll see you tomorrow with more! Looking for more? If you do, enter the site and have a great time watching a big cocked tranny getting her cock sucked!


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Brazilian Studz – Arabian Fantasy Threesome

Everyone had they fantasies, well this guy got his last night. One of the newest Brazilian studz around here finally got his hands on two hot Arab guys to bang. He had a soft spot for them and tonight instead of one, he got two cute ones that were into guys. They came to the bar where he worked and stayed there until it closed. As most of the clients started leaving, he noticed these two still sitting there. You how bartenders are, they are always in the mood to listen to everyone’s problems, so he finds out that the two were in town for the night and couldn’t afford a hotel room. He felt sorry for them so he invited them over to his place to spend the night there.

It wasn’t too hard to tell that both of them were into guys and that they were actually a couple. Luckily for us they are pretty open minded so it wasn’t that hard to convince them to try out a threesome and so the Arabian fantasy has just begun. You must see this cute couple doing everything to please their generous host for his kindness. After blowing his dick they took turns on riding his hard dick. They didn’t get a lot of sleep but instead, we got another great scene. Enjoy it and see you guys later for more brazilianstudz in action or visit the site and see a gorgeous tranny getting her mouth filled with cum!


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Diego Lozano, Emilio Calvo and Felipe

Diego Lozano, Emilio Calvo and Felipe are back with their latest update and these Brazilian studz had a great time banging asses and blowing dicks. These three must be some of the hottest studs we got around here. All three of them are young, hot, with great bodies and big dicks ready for some guy on guy action. They all met at Felipe’s place the other day and made the best out of the day. The three black jocks took their time to pound one another and Felipe was the one getting most of the action as the guys were busy fucking his mouth and ass at the same time. He’s the one to start it all but by the end of the night, all of them got their turn.


You must see these three blowing one another and banging their asses in this exclusive update. Like we said earlier it’s been a while since we had around here guys this hot. But there’s a lot more to it then their looks because these sure know their way in the sack but you can see that by yourself in the intense scene below. We know how much you guys enjoy seeing gay threesomes and that’s why we shared this with you guys. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next time with more steamy gay updates featuring your favorite Brazilian studz in action. See you guys next time with more steamy scenes! Check out the site and see some hot trannies sucking cocks in front of the video camera!

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Brazilian Studz – Antonio De Capos and Diogo Da Syllva

The Brazilian studz, Antonio De Capos and Diogo Da Syllva are here with their latest update. The two jocks had a blast blowing one another’s dick in the middle of the club. Antonio was working there as a bartender when he met Diogo. Well, Diogo seemed the big spender type of guy, except that he couldn’t really afford everything that he ordered. He’s been drinking the entire night but when it was time to pay for everything he tried to get out of there without leaving a dime.

Well, the bodyguards caught him pretty fast and left Antonio to settle it. He didn’t have enough money so for the rest Antonio had to find a way to get the money back. Diogo was hot, Antonio is into guys so he thought of the best way to even things up. The guys waited until the club as empty and then found a good corner for them. Antonio took off his pants and Diogo started blowing his hard dick and he didn’t stop until he got all covered up with jizz. But he wasn’t going to get away with it so fast because Antonio had some work left to do that involved nailing his ass. He loves getting his ass fucked, just like the trannies from the site! The two jocks get hot and heavy in this update and you can get to see it all in the gallery below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next time with more brazilianstudz!


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Darrien Leon and Flavo De Silva

Darrien Leon and Flavo De Silva, the two Brazilian studz got to bang one another on the kitchen counter. You never know what is going to happen with these guys but each time they manage to surprise us in the best ways possible. The guys were sharing the same place and from time to time they had some fun of their own. Darrien couldn’t get enough of the Brazilian stud so he made sure that he got his hands on him each chance he got.

Flavo is one of the hottest Brazilian guys and besides having a hot body he also has a big dick. So you can understand what it’s like for Darrien to live in the same house with a hot hunk and seeing him walking around the house with just a tiny towel around his waist. Today is going to be his lucky day because while he was doing the dishes that towel fell off and from there on it was a matter of time until Darrien got his hard dick in his filthy mouth. After he got his, he had to drill his ass as well, cause he loves it, just like the slutty trannies from the site! The hot brazilianstudz had a blast nailing their asses and the best part is that you get to see the entire thing below. Enjoy it and make sure you are going to check us out tomorrow as well for another update. Enjoy it!


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Brazilian Studz – Antonio & Diogo

Antonio and Diogo are our Brazilian studz for this update. In the preview below we focus on what’s important and that is the ass hammering session these two hard. No worries you are going to see the guys as well, not just their dicks and asses, not that this is such a bad thing. Everything took place at Antonio’s place where the guys got all the time in the world to fuck their asses. But first, let us tell you how it all started. Antonio was looking for a new roommate and here is where Diogo made his entry in the scene. Diogo, as you are going to see, is a really hot guy and he wasn’t going to miss him out.

The Brazilian studs had a lot of things in common but the most important of them all was that both of them love nailing guys exclusively. Let’s say that it wasn’t such a hard decision to take and the guys kicked it off from day one. Diogo started it all and Antonio got to bang his cute housemate in his first day there. The dude didn’t even get to unpack and he was already getting his ass smashed on the living room red couch. The brazilianstudz gave us a great one and you get to see it all in the gallery below. If you want to see more Brazilian jocks take a look at some of the older updates! Check out the site if you wanna see a hot tranny getting ass pounded!


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Chad, Luis and Manuel

Luis and Manuel are our Brazilian studz for today’s update and they brought their friend, Chad, with them. All these three guys had one main thing in common and that was fucking and getting fucked by other guys. Luis and Manuel surprise their friend Chad with a visit last weekend and it was a hell of a weekend. They met when they were in college and since then they remained friends and from time to time they like surprising one another. Chad was stressed out because of work so the guys knew that he needed some relaxation, to help him clear his mind and this is why the guys went there to help their friends out.


The guys didn’t leave his place and had a blast nailing one another’s asses and blowing their hard dicks in Chad’s small bedroom. The two brazilianstudz made sure that they gave their friend what he wanted and gave their best to please him. The guys took turns on blowing their dicks and jerking one another off. You must see the entire thing to watch the Brazilian jocks in action in another steamy update. Chad, Luis, and Manuel offered us a show we won’t forget too soon and we are sure that you guys won’t forget it either. See you guys next time with another great update and don’t forget to see some of the older updates as well. Until then, enter the site and see some hot black shemales getting fucked!

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Brazilian Studz – A Darn Harsh Fuck

We got one of the hottest Brazilian studz fucking this white guy’s mouth and ass in another steamy update. The Brazilian guy found this one at his doorstep. He just moved into the place and wanted to say hello to all of his neighbors. He wasn’t going to let him leave that fast, so he invited him in for a few beers to get to know one another better. He then found out that the guy actually works as an escort but for guys. If need a discrete guy to mess around with while they are in town he’s the guy that they call. This turned out to be an interesting night after all!

He couldn’t believe his eyes, this guy was perfect, hot and fucked for cash. That one beer turned into six or seven beers so the guys were pretty buzzed when the Brazilian stud made his move on his cute neighbor and it sure was a darn harsh fuck. Both of them were so horny that things moved with speed of light and after the hot escort blew his dick he made sure that he nailed his ass next, dumping his load on his cute little ass. It turned out to be a way better night that either of them expected and we hope to see more from them in the future. Until then make sure you check out these brazilianstudz in action in the scene below. See you next time! If you can’t wait until then, visit the site and see a hot t girl getting her cock sucked!


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