Samuel Jacques & Antonio De Capos

Samuel Jacques and Antonio De Capos are here to show us just how nasty the Brazilian studz can be. These jocks didn’t miss the opportunity to bang their asses in front of the rolling camera and you get to see it all in the update below. Everything took place at this art gallery that Antonio was visiting and as you can see he got to meet the artist. Samuel had a little gallery open for some of his friends and between them, he saw this cute guy that was new to the scene. This wasn’t the first time something like this happened, but there was something about this guy that made Samuel more interested than he usually is.

No one actually knew who he was or who brought him there and that made Samuel even more interested in the mysterious Brazilian stud. Luckily for him, Antonio doesn’t really like the chase, he’s pretty straight forward with his guys. After everyone left and they were the only two left there Samuel got to know his mysterious admirer much better. Antonio wasn’t that interested in him, he just wanted to get his hands on the hot hunk. Well, let’s say that by the end of the night both of them got theirs and Antonio got to bang the sexy artist. You can see it all in the gallery below so make sure you take a look at everything that went down between these two. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time!


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