Brazilian Studz – Samuel and Antonio

Another fresh week and time for another superb and hot brazilian studz update for this nice afternoon. For this special occasion we wanted to do something special for you guys and we came up with this gallery. Why special? well you guys have been with us for a while so it’s only right. Anyway, these two guys are Samuel and Antonio and they are about to show off to you just how much fun they ended up having with their nice and superb scene this nice and fresh afternoon today. Samuel you got to see last week too and rest assured that he always manages to play well with other guys as well. So let’s get the PeterFever show on the road today.

The two of them waste no time in undressing and you can see the clothes fly off quite quick off of them today. Take your time to see as Samuel gets to be the one to have his cock pleased and being the main man to deliver the fucking. His buddy Antonio gives some mean head and he’s always proud of his cock sucking skills. So sit back and watch as Antonio wraps his juicy lips around that long and fat cock today and see him sucking and slurping with a passion. After that Samuel intended to reward him fully with his nice and hard meat pole, balls deep in his tight ass too. Enjoy it and see you soon as per usual with another amazing and hot brazilianstudz gallery!


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Brazilian Studz Samuel Jacques

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to the hottest brazilian studz. This fine day we have the sexy and hot hunk Samuel Jacques as he also gets to do some naughty solo posing for you guys to enjoy as well. As you can clearly see yourself, the stud opted for a nice and sexy outdoor scene as well and it sure served him amazingly. He’s a more slender stud but that doesn’t mean that he’s not sexy. Take your time to see him superb and hot scene and see this guy having his fun outdoors just for you to enjoy today!

brazilian-studz-samuel-jacquesAs his scene starts off, the stud begins with his undressing routine like all the guys here and he carries on with it until he’s all nude as well. Then the real fun begins as you get to see one of the reasons why he’s so proud of himself. And namely that superb and fat cock of his that’s always eager for action. Sit back and enjoy the brazilianstudz scene as you can see this mighty fine and sexy stud as he gets to jerk off in a public place outdoors as well as pose and have fun with it as much as you want everyone. See you next week! Until then, you can watch this naked soldier porn scene and have a great time watching another hot gay guys jacking off!

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Brazilian Stud – Carlos Morales

We  know that you guys have been patiently waiting for some more new brazilian studz scenes and here we are today with them once more. For this superb afternoon gallery update you get to see another Latino stud with a nice and big cock that gets to show off all afternoon long as well. His name is Carlos Morales and he’s quite the nice and horny little stud as well. You can bet that you get to see every inch of that superb body of his today and he’s not a guy to shy away from exposing himself fully either. So let’s just see him in action.

As his brazilian studz gallery starts, you can observe that the stud was going to pose and show off in his bedroom on his very comfy bed too. And that all served to make this whole thing even hotter and sexier as you can see. Let’s just get to it and see the dude take off the covers off of him to reveal that he was naked already. After that you can enjoy seeing him as he starts to jerk off fast and hard for the cameras and you guys and it’s quite the sight to see too. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we will see you next week with more amazing stuff. Until then, watch this great Cody Cummings solo scene and see a muscled gay guy jacking off!


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Hot Stud Armando Campos

In this new week we have a new and hot brazilian studz hunk to show off to you. His name is Armando Campos and he’s one guy that always enjoys showing off his masterful self pleasing techniques to the cameras any time that he gets the chance to. Well for this fine day he had all the afternoon to himself and it was quite nice to see him having some solo fun just for you guys and the cameras. So let’s just get started and see him in action as he gets to show off as much as he wants just for you guys this afternoon shall we?


As you can see, Armando here has a nice pair of grayish blue eyes and many people absolutely love that about him. Well that and the fact that he packs a nice and fat cock as well. Anyway, first off he gets to undress and show off that muscled body in all it’s glory as he knows that you just want to admire it too. As soon as he takes his pants off, you can see that his cock was already nice and hard and ready to be showed off too. So enjoy him displaying that mighty fine meat pole as well in this nice and fresh brazilianstudz scene today! Also you can enter the site and watch other big cocked guys jacking off in front of the camera!

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Brazilian Studz – Tommy Lima Exposed

By now you know that we aim to bring you the best of the best when it comes to sexy Brazilian studz and this fine week it’s no exception either. In this gallery you get to see the superb and sexy stud named Tommy Lima as he gets to have his turn to be in the limelight and show off that amazing body for you guys to enjoy today. He also chose a nice and calm outdoor setting to pose in as well and it simply worked wonders. Let’s take the time to see this sexy guy in action as he gets to show off as much as he wants.

The back yard of his house was the perfect spot to pose in and be all naughty and wild as well. You can see that the guy packs quite the sexy and hot muscled body as soon as he takes off his shirt and lets you check out his pecks as well. Of course, after all that his pants were next and as soon as those fly of too, you get a nice and hot view of this superb stud’s nice and big cock as well. Let’s take the time to see him enjoy himself as he gets to do some naughty and sensual posing for you this afternoon shall we? You can also watch other horny twinks jacking off their uncut cocks inside the blog! Have a great time inside brazilianstudz! See you soon!


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Brazilian Stud Mario Coelho

Another fresh week and time for one more amazing and hot brazilian studz update today. Today we have another superb and sexy solo act for you to enjoy and it’s the scene of none other than the sexy hunk Mario Coelho today. The stud was all available to have some nice fun in the bathroom today after his shower and he was very eager to share it with you guys as well as he know that you won’t resist the temptation to see his superb body all naked and that fine cock in full view for this afternoon brazilianstudz scene!


As the cameras start rolling, like we said, the dude comes into the bathroom and starts to have his fun. Take your time to see him as he undresses and exposes that mighty fine body for everyone to see. But before he showers, first thing he wants to do is play a little and get down and dirty. That will warrant the shower after. So see him posing sexually and sensually for you today and see him showing off that superb cock of his as well as he lays on his back, giving some amazing views of it today. If you liked this scene, you can enter the blog and watch some sexy t-girls jacking off! Check out this hot stud and come back for more!

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Brazilian Studz – Manuel Lozano

Today it’s time to see another sexy and hot brazilian studz update and boy do we have another sexy gallery to show off to you this afternoon. The guy that makes his appearance in this one is named Manuel Lozano and he is one hard working man that likes to relax in style. This afternoon he had some yard work to do in the back yard for a while, but when he was done, he wanted to unwind. Well you will get to see exactly how he managed to do that and rest assured that it’s quite amazing to see as well.

The sexy stud was all done with his work and ready to unwind this fine afternoon as we said. Well he was going to go for some nice and sexy solo pleasing sessions as he had the rest of the time all to himself. Sit back and watch him taking off his work overalls to start playing with himself and do take your time to see him posing sexy and sensually for you first and foremost. Then you get to see him revealing his nice and hard cock too. We hope you’ll enjoy brazilianstudz and more gay pics are bound your way next week! Until then, you can visit the site and see other gorgeous guys revealing their perfectly shaped bodies!


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Felipe Sainz Naked

For this week’s superb scene we have a real treat for you guys to see. In this superb and sexy brazilian studz update you get to see a nice and fine black Brazil stud as he gets to show off his nice and hard cock to you along with his simply amazing muscled body as well. His name is Felipe Sainz and one thing that you just need to know about this guy, is that he always enjoys to show off his goods. This scene has him doing plenty of showing off so don’t worry about it. Just sit back and watch him in action as he exposes his body.


As his brazilianstudz scene starts off, the ebony hunk wasted no time in getting naughty. The thing is that he was already pretty turned on and ready to party by the time that the cameras started to roll. Sit back and enjoy seeing him in action as he starts to pull down his pants as well to give you a more better look at that mighty fine and hard black tool as well. Sit back and watch him posing around and see him showing off that fat and thick cock this afternoon without delay today and as always see you soon with another amazing scene! If you liked this guy, you need to watch some MenOver30 masturbating! Have fun!

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Brazilian Hunk Caspar Araujo

Hey there once more everyone. We come back to you guys today with a fresh and hot new brazilian studz update for the afternoon. For this one we want to introduce you to our fresh stud Caspar Araujo this afternoon and his superbly amazing solo scene in which he gets around to show off just how he likes to party when he’s all alone and has the place to himself. You can bet that he always likes to get naughty and this wasn’t an exception for today either. So let’s get started and see the stud begin his little action session.

As the brazilian studz scene starts the guy makes his entry. To seems that he just got of soccer practice and he was eager to get things started too after his hard practice. Sit back and watch him starting to remove more and more clothes for the camera and you guys until the only thing that he has left on him is the knee high socks and his sneakers. Anyway, sit back and enjoy as you get to see the stud masturbating and showing off his nice and thick cock and do enjoy it. We will have more amazing brazilianstudz stuff to show off next week as well so have fun! If you liked this guy, check out the blog and watch some horny twinks masturbating! Also you can visit the ladyboygold site and see some sexy trannies masturbating!


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Brazilian Studz – Arthur

Hey there guys, we come back this nice and fine week with a superb brazilian studz  scene that you just need to see. The main star of it is this hot stud named Arthur and he gets to play solo in front of the cameras and you guys this nice afternoon too. He gets to have even more fun than Bruno and Simao that you got to see last week fucking nice and hard. The thing is that this guy is just in love with getting naked and showing off his body and he always likes to take his time to show off his goods if he’s got a audience available. Let’s take the time to see him in action as he gets to expose his superb and muscled nude body for you in this nice afternoon brazilianstudz scene.

brazilian-studz-arthurAs you can clearly see, this guy is ripped and quite in shape. and he does pack a nice and big hard cock too. He decided that his scene was to take place outdoors where he’d get to pose for you guys and we think that this whole shoot ended up looking amazing. Take your time to see him undressing and revealing his amazing curves for you guys to see today, and do have fun with the whole thing too. It’s quite nice to see him presenting that nice and hard and thick cock as well and of course you will get to see him play with it as well. So that’s about it for this one everyone. Enjoy seeing this dude showing off his cock and have fun with it. If you liked this scene, visit the site and watch another muscled gay guy masturbating in front of the video camera! If you’re looking for action, check out the site and see a handsome gay guy getting his ass fucked! Enjoy!

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