Brazilian Studz – Antonio De Capos and Diogo Da Syllva

The Brazilian studz, Antonio De Capos and Diogo Da Syllva are here with their latest update. The two jocks had a blast blowing one another’s dick in the middle of the club. Antonio was working there as a bartender when he met Diogo. Well, Diogo seemed the big spender type of guy, except that he couldn’t really afford everything that he ordered. He’s been drinking the entire night but when it was time to pay for everything he tried to get out of there without leaving a dime.

Well, the bodyguards caught him pretty fast and left Antonio to settle it. He didn’t have enough money so for the rest Antonio had to find a way to get the money back. Diogo was hot, Antonio is into guys so he thought of the best way to even things up. The guys waited until the club as empty and then found a good corner for them. Antonio took off his pants and Diogo started blowing his hard dick and he didn’t stop until he got all covered up with jizz. But he wasn’t going to get away with it so fast because Antonio had some work left to do that involved nailing his ass. He loves getting his ass fucked, just like the trannies from the site! The two jocks get hot and heavy in this update and you can get to see it all in the gallery below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next time with more brazilianstudz!


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